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Provisional Interval

Provisional Interval = Extended Learning

An opportunity for serious students to immerse themselves in studying the AT and developing a deeper understanding of the principles by attending the Teacher Training Course (TTC) on a daily basis for a five week interval.


No commitment to the TTC is necessary.


Explore the Alexander Technique together with those enrolled in the TTC including:


  • Receive one-on-one mini-lessons (“turns”) with faculty and current trainees. 

  • Improve the use of yourself

  • Re-educate your respiratory system

  • Look at Alexander Technique principles through movement exploration 

  • Apply AT principles in everyday & specialized activities

  • Participate in reading & discussing AT related material 

  • Study functional anatomy


Determine whether training to be an Alexander Technique Teacher at ATI-LA is right for you. Credit hours earned may be applied to the TTC IF the student continues as a trainee within six months of completion of the Provisional Interval.

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