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I have visited ATI-LA for post-graduate study and worked with its faculty multiple times. Each teacher-trainer at ATI-LA offers world-class expertise with a modern pedagogical approach that celebrates and supports the student’s learning. 

The Alexander Technique has transformed my profession, my relationships, and my life. In my quest to move with more freedom, I have discovered how to think, how to question, and how to learn.


Jonathan Leathwood , PhD, M.AmSAT –  2017 Alexander Technique Denver graduate 


Training at ATI-LA was life-changing. My studies at ATI-LA led me to greater freedom in both body and mind, reflected in more optimism towards and enjoyment of life. The faculty of ATI LA are all deeply committed and experienced Alexander teachers. 


Kathleen Summerland, 2020 ATI-LA graduate


My three years of teacher training at ATI-LA were truly transformative. The diversity of master teachers representing most every branch of Alexander Technique history was revelatory and profoundly instructive. 


Kosta Potamianos  2008 ATI-LA graduate


In three years, I never thought I could learn so much about myself. I started the training believing I would learn something to apply with future students. All of a sudden, I was doing what F.M. did with himself, learning about my own habits and how to respond to stimuli in life.... I would not only recommend ATI-LA as a school to learn the Alexander Technique, but it is a school to develop oneself for life.


Celio da Silveira, 2005 ATI-LA graduate


As I get further into my career as an Alexander Technique teacher, I grow ever more grateful for my training at ATI-LA. Besides gaining an excellent foundation in my hands-on skills as a teacher, I was also able to greatly broaden my understanding of what it means to teach... I can say without reservation that my three years at ATI-LA were the richest, most memorable, growth-filled years of my life. Choosing my teacher training at this wonderful place was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made


Bill Plake, 2006 ATI-LA graduate

ATI-LA is an amazing place to become an Alexander Technique instructor. They have a faculty who are all so different that if you can't learn something one way, someone else will have a different way to teach it to you. They allowed me to be myself and learn at my own pace, which was something I had never experienced in my life. This has allowed me to be a better person in every way. I had recurring back pain which is now gone; I got professional singing work, which I completely credit to ATI-LA, but more importantly, I learned how to be myself. I am thankful and forever grateful to these wonderful teachers.

Julia Caulder, 2000 ATI-LA graduate


Of course my Alexander Technique training was remarkable and life changing, but probably not for the reasons one might think.  It is the people that make this school.  Sign on. Enjoy them. They will lift you, inspire you, cajole you and sometimes frustrate you. But they will always hold your heart above the fray as you do this work.


Ben Miller, 2000 ATI-LA graduate

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