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Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

The Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA) provides Teacher Training in the F. M. Alexander Technique leading to certification after a satisfactory level of completion of 1620 hours over 3 – 5 years.  


The Institute provides a course of study and training in the principles of “psychophysical re-education of the use of self” as developed by F. M. Alexander including: 


  • Observation of habits

  • Recognition of the force of habit

  • Acknowledgment that use affects function

  • Detection of faulty sensory perception

  • Inhibition

  • Direction

  • Coordination of the human organism as a whole

  • Distinction between means-whereby and end-gaining


As a trainee, you will learn to direct others in the discovery and application of these principles. 


The ratio of students to teacher is 5:1, enabling all participants to receive continuous attention and supervision.


The Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Santa Monica takes place in a large cheerful room with windows and outdoor patio providing natural light and fresh ocean air.


The TTC operates on three Ten-week Trimesters per year with start dates in September, January, and April.

Academic Calendar


Classes are Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with a 15-minute mid-morning break.



  • Daily personal instruction in the “use of self”

  • Observation and analysis of postural efficiency at rest and in movement

  • Application of the Technique to a wide range of activities in daily life

  • Reading and discussion of literature by F. M. Alexander and others

  • Respiratory Re-education

  • Exploration of human anatomy—video, books, hands on, and movement

  • Integration of the principles of the Technique while teaching others

  • Practice Teaching, with faculty supervision

  • Setting up a professional practice: insurance, marketing, lectures and demonstrations

Application Information


Enrollment can be at the beginning of any trimester when there is an opening.

Prerequisite: A minimum of two lessons with the Senior Faculty of ATI-LA


Required documentation:

  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant's Alexander Teacher(s)

  • Copy of High School Diploma or equivalent. The State of California requires all enrollees to have a high school diploma or its equivalent

  • Completed Application Form (Please read Application Instructions)

  • $100 non-refundable application fee

Tuition for the Teacher Training Course of 1620 hours is $32,400. 

There are currently no grants or scholarship programs available through the school.

The TTC is approved by:


The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) is the largest professional organization of teachers of the Alexander Technique in the United States. Graduates of ATI-LA are eligible to join AmSAT as Teaching Members.


The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) is responsible for overseeing vocational postsecondary education. The State’s approval means that the institution and its operation comply with the standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private postsecondary educational institutions.  Course approval must be renewed annually and is subject to continuing review. The Course title is: “Alexander Technique Teacher Training – 1620 hours.”


BPPE View All BPPE Required Documents


Application Form Instructions


Application Form

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